How To Save Millions You Spend On Generator Using Fuel/Diesel


How would you feel to know you can actually cut down up to 4million naira or more you spend on your generator and stop the noise and air pollution you suffer from it?

Most  people spend so much on electricity for home and business use without knowing .

Do you know that if you spend an average of (3000)three thousand naira daily on fuel or diesel  in about 5 years would be over  5million naira?

Due to that the cost of purchasing  a Generator is lesser than a Solar system 90 percent of people thinks its less expensive. i.e  the cost of getting a new 3.5kva Generator may amounts to around 150,000 while a Solar and pure sinewave Inverter with india batteries of same 3.5kva cost around 1.2million (with installation).

What most people don’t understand is that maintenance and runing  a fuel/diesel Generator is far expensive than a Solar/Inverter system, in as much as it may cost far less in buying a Generator, its also cost more buying fuel and servicing it.

Here is an Example:

While a Solar System is a one time purchase system that has a no cost maintenance except the betteries and maybe wire that may be changed after 5 years or more, a fuel/diesel Generator will have to be spent on everyday while in use. Most business venture like Sportbetting Shops (Bet9ja), Cyber Cafer, Supermarkets, Freelancers , Forex Traders etc spends an average of about 3000 naira on fuel daily . If this Money is calculated in a year will be 3000 x 353 (Sundays not included) will amount  to One  million fifty nine  thousand naira (1059000) , while in five Years will be five million two hundred and ninety five thousand naira (5295000) to run same 3.5kva fuel Generator, while the Solar System, only batteries will be changed after about 5 years , and those batteries can be sold to battery recycling companies and money can be added to get new batteries which is less than (500000) five hundred thousand naira which will serve you yet another 5 years when used properly.

Over the years we have  met with lot of People and organisations that got shy away from getting a solar system due to its initial cost price , We get to explain in details to our Clients to understand this great advantage a solar system has over a fuel/diesel generator and most of our Clients goes for the solar system, though some many not  immediately , but they  worked it out and gets back to us saving an extra cost they would have had which runs to over  four million naira (40000000) in just  5 Years.


Are There Smaller Or Bigger Solar Systems?

Answer is absolutely  ‘’YES’’. As a matter of fact you can get a Solar/Inverter  from as Little as 1kva System to as big as over 20kva Solar/Inverter Systems

We at EmmyTech Energy always have our clients in mind In providing quality products that stands the years of time. We have successfully sold and installed to over (1000) one thousand families and organisations which our services they loved and even introduced us to their friends. We believe that our Customers comes first and we build good relationship with our Clients. We are readily avalaible to serve you 24/7. We install nationwide anywhere in Nigeria and likewise neighborhood Countries. We know the best of products to suit your satisfaction. Reach us now on Whatsapp/Call 08092221623 to get a quality Solar/Inverter System done asap.


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